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Quality Education

Ever since its founding in 1987, EUROAULA has been striving toward ever-higher standards of quality, always in search of excellence in the educational programs we offer, our academic rigor, our faculty’s teaching methods and the services we offer our students. The school’s administration and management teams are also committed to meeting these quality standards, because this commitment to quality is the hallmark of the organization as a whole. Every activity, every process is closely analyzed to make sure that we are offering the best possible education and the best possible service to our students.

  • When making choices about your education, it is vitally important to consider an educational institution’s record of quality and its official accreditations. The guarantee that comes from certified quality and official recognition can be a valuable factor, one that students weigh when it comes time to decide which institution and which program is most suited to them.
  • At EUROAULA, we are committed to a process of constant improvement in all aspects of the educational process. Beginning with our admissions and enrollment procedures, and continuing right through to graduation day, all our activities and efforts are focused on providing the greatest possible quality. The school’s management works closely with the administration and the faculty to ensure that we always meet and exceed the exacting standards we have set.
  • This is why Euroaula has created its own quality policy, consisting of standards that we apply to all of our academic activities and programs, in order to guarantee the quality of the education and services we offer our students and to create mechanisms for assessment and continuous improvement. This policy is the cornerstone of our institution.

Who certifies the quality EUROAULA offers?

  • Guaranteed academic quality: Euroaula undergoes an annual quality control inspection under the UNE-EN ISO 9001 norms that specify the requirements for an educational quality management system for a University School of Tourism. Our programs have been certified since 2015, and every year we successfully pass an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas. These inspections allow us to constantly confirm that we are offering the greatest quality to our students and fulfilling their expectations.
  • Accreditation of Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism: the accreditation process for the Tourism degree consists of an inspection by external officials from AQU (Agència per la qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya), who monitor the school to ensure that the degree program is being implemented as planned in the verification process.
  • Close partnerships with the industry:  Euroaula is a member of the AEHT, Association Européenne des Escoles d'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme, an international organization that Works to promote hotels and tourism schools throughout Europe.



EUROAULA, Barcelona University School, is an educational institution founded in 1987 specialized in tourism, events and marketing studies.

Our vocation of pedagogical innovation, the needs of the labor market and the demands of students, has led us to expand our academic offer, and now we offer higher education in other areas closely related to tourism, such as Advertising, Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing.
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Carrer d'Aragó, 208-210,
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