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Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg)
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Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg)

University Masters (2 years) On-site | Part Time English 2 years
General Information

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg)

This Master aims to develop students’ career as directors, area managers or entrepreneurs, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making in the various tourism accommodation types. Within the tourism and hospitality sector, a knowledge of hotel planning and management is essential. 


  1. Professionals who wish to enter International Hotel Management and management of Tourist Lodgings.
  2. Graduate and diploma holders who wish to gear their career towards the hotel business and management of tourist lodgings.
  3. Professionals who wish to create their own enterprise-start up (hotels, hostals, bed and breakfasts, etc...).


The first year they will obtain in EUROAULA (1) The Diploma given by the University of Girona Foundation (specific of the University of Girona) (2) and the Diploma given by EUROAULA (specific EUROAULA University College) and the second year they will obtain the (3) BBI Diploma validated by QMU.





2 years: The first academic year the students will be placed in EUROAULA, Barcelona, and the second academic year in BBI, Luxembourg.


The course is taught: English


February 2023


8.150€ per year. Don't miss our discounts!

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg) Program Summary

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg) Programme Features

Technical Knowledge

Acquire the technical knowledge required for key decision-making in the tourism accommodation sector.

Hotel Management

Assimilate the skills and strategic vision required for managing hotels.

Key Tools

Learn in depth about the core tools used in Revenue Management and e-Commerce.

Leadership and Team Leadership

Develop the ability to lead teams and manage finances in hotel establishments.

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg) Plan of Study

Curriculum for the first year in EUROAULA (representing 60 ECTS - 1500 hours) 

Modules (40 ECTS)

-Strategic Management in a Global Business environment

-Corporate Finance and Management Accounting

-Supply Chain Management

-Business Ethics & Sustainability

-Human Resources Management

-Leadership and Team working skills

-Management Communication Skills

-Customer Experience & Relationship Marketing

-Entrepreneurship for the Hospitality Industry

-Competitive Strategies in the Hospitality Industry

-Hotel Management Simulator

-International Sales Management

-Catering Management, Food and Beverage

-Marketing Management: Strategic Marketing Management

-Marketing Management for Hospitality Services

-Revenue Management for Hospitality 

-Managing Resources in Hospitality

-Property Development and Planning New Ventures

Master Thesis (10 ECTS)



Curriculum for the second year in BBI (representing 60 ECTS - 1500 hours)

Modules (30 ECTS)

-Enterprise Risk Management 

-Internal Audit Management

-Sustainable Development & Innovation in Hospitality

-International Hotel Business Management

-Business Plan - Hotel Strategies & Development (ongoing assessment)     

Research Assignments (25 ECTS)

-Five Management Case Studies (ongoing assessment) 

All Case Studies are based on real management cases; in each case are always included the concepts of marketing, finance, and human resources for their resolutions. The debriefing will compare the result proposed by the student with that developed by the company. Cases are various they can be subject to operations and/or strategy management, business development, new opening, etc.

Workshops – Linked with Case Studies (5 ECTS)

-GDPR General Data Protection Regulation affecting the Lodging Industry

Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (Financial)




  • From Euroaula, I emphasize the passion which we are taught this world of tourism along with good treatment and professionalism. From the academic secretariat to the teachers, they have given me their kindness and confidence whenever a doubt has arisen, and it has been resolved as soon as possible. Euroaula is a great family for me.

    Walter Cornelio
    Degree in Tourism
  • From Euroaula I would like to emphasize the good academic relationship between students and teachers as a very positive aspect. And, therefore, the great opportunity to perform quality internship in a hotel chain thanks to Euroaula.

    Sergi Sánchez
    Degree in Tourism
  • I confirm with my experience that I continue to maintain the first sensation I had of interest, respect, kindness and quality offered by Euroaula. In addition, I had the opportunity to do the internships in Euroaula in charge of marketing and advertising, and like most practices, I was paid a salary.

    Vinyet Gonzalez
    Diploma in Marketing and Advertising
  • I have known all kinds of people and cultures in Euroaula. I can say that I have found true friendships. I have always felt at home and they know me by my first and last name.

    Elena Dando
    Degree in Tourism
  • My experience at Euroaula is being very good, as the atmosphere that is perceived is comfortable and makes you feel at home. I would emphasize the kindness and the speed with which they solve the doubts. The deal with the teachers is great, they are very close. I have been in this university for a few years, firstly in the Vocational Training Studies and now the degree, I can say that I am completely convinced that I have got it right. 

    Gerard Cetrà
    Degree in Tourism

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg) Access and Enrollment

  • Official University Degree (Bachelor).
  • If the official Degree is not from Spain, it will be necessary to translate and legalise it.
  • In case of not having an official Degree, a document must be submitted with the last studies.
  • Copy of your passport / DNI (ID).
  • Motivation letter.
  • Current curriculum vitae.

These documents will be in the academic file of the student and a copy of it will be sent from EUROAULA to the BBI once that the student will be former students of the EUROAULA.

  1.  BBI
  • Students must have successfully completed their Bachelor Degree.
  • Students must have a good knowledge of English, as it is the language of teaching. 
  • Students accept and approve the content of the SHB Operating Regulations & Procedures of the institute, agree to support the administration in upholding said regulations and in maintaining high standards at all times. 
  • Students must submit and signed the following forms: N° 114+117+ 123, added with the following documents: 
  1. Three recent passport-type photos 
  2. A certified colour copy of their Identity Card (ID) and /or passport (depending on the country). 
  3. A certified copy of their enrolment with the National Health Service in their country 
  4. A certified copy of their Bachelor Degree
  5. Official transcripts covering each year of their previous studies at EUROAULA 

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg)


  • Hotel Director

  • Hotel Sub-Director

  • Tourism Consultant

  • Entrepreneur

Double Degree Master in International Hospitality Management (Barcelona + Luxembourg) Job Opportunities & Internships

Students of the Master's Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Accommodation Management are eligible to participate in an internship as a traineeship placement on a voluntary and optional basis as long as it is completed during the academic year of the Master's programme.

Our collaboration with HOSCO Hospitality Connection, an international job site specialised in the tourism area based on a true community of passionate hospitality professionals, allow our students to access to more than 2.500 international job offers and internships per year in more than 850 companies in the Hotel & Tourism industry.


A hotel director with an undergraduate degree in Tourism and a specialised Master’s degree in Hotel Management. Languages are an essential part when evaluating a profile. The hotel director is responsible for planning, managing, implementing and analysing all actions and services offered by the hotel. According to statistics, a hotel director is the best paid in Catalonia and the average salary is 72,500 euros gross per annum.


Degrees obtained: Triple degree: The first year they will obtain in EUROAULA (1) The Diploma given by the University of Girona Foundation (specific of the University of Girona) (2) and the Diploma given by EUROAULA (specific EUROAULA University College) and the second year they will obtain the (3) BBI Diploma validated by QMU. 

Collaborating Partners

The following companies collaborate with EUROAULA, Tourism School Barcelona and they participate with instruction in our programmes, as well as giving conferences and arranging internships with our students.  



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Master´s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Accommodation Management in a leader destination, Barcelona

Euroaula is located in Barcelona, one of the leading cities in southern Europe when it comes to the Hospitality sector....

EUROAULA, Barcelona University School, is an educational institution founded in 1987 specialized in tourism, events and marketing studies.

Our vocation of pedagogical innovation, the needs of the labor market and the demands of students, has led us to expand our academic offer, and now we offer higher education in other areas closely related to tourism, such as Advertising, Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing.
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