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Projecte Solidari Futuraula


What is Futuraula? It is a solidarity project which collaborates with the NGO Indian Futures since 2018 and aims, on the one hand, to raise funds to provide quality education in a rural area from South India. Every academic year, a new committee made up of students, teachers and admin staff organize actions and events (such as raffles, quizzes, challenges, parties and  many more) to make it possible. Besides, at the end of every year, Euroaula, to top off the effort made by the committee, makes a generous donation to the NGO in question. Thanks to all this, Futuraula represented the 30% of the money raised by Indian Futures over the academic year 2020/2021.

On the other hand, Futuraula also aims to give Euroaula students the opportunity to gain and develop essential hard and soft professional skills that will be key in their future careers, such as team work, time, event, community and marketing campaign management, adaptability, problem solving, communication, creativity, work ethics, English, organization, empathy and many more.

This year the mission of the Futuraula Committee is to raise funds for the sponsorship of 6 girls who are willing to start or continue their studies in university or professional college.
So far, this is what we have raised over the last three academic years: 

2018-2019: 1.600€
2019-2020: 2.300€
2020-2021: 3.400€

Over the academic year 2021/22, our initial goal is 1.468€. Of course, as this is an ever-growing project, the more we raise, the more girls will have the opportunity to access university next year.

If you want to help us, you can contact the project manager: 

Are you up for the challenge?

(Students who are part of Futuraula)

EUROAULA, Barcelona University School, is an educational institution founded in 1987 specialized in tourism, events and marketing studies.

Our vocation of pedagogical innovation, the needs of the labor market and the demands of students, has led us to expand our academic offer, and now we offer higher education in other areas closely related to tourism, such as Advertising, Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing.
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