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Diploma in Marketing and Advertising
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Diploma in Marketing and Advertising
Vocational Training Studies in Tourism On-site | Full Time Spanish 2 Academic Years
General Information

The Higher Vocational Diploma in Marketing and Advertising provides students with the knowledge necessary to obtain and prepare information on markets, products, prices and distribution to manage action plans for purchasing, logistics, and product or service sales.


Higher Diploma in Marketing and Advertising, issued by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The duration of this course is 2 years, from September to June. It is comprised of a total of 2,000 hours including in-company work placements: 1,650 teaching hours and 350 training hours in the work centre.

At EUROAULA, we train our students according to three key principles:

  • Teaching quality
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Internationalisation
Programme Features
Marketing Policies and Plans

Prepare base reports and briefings to help in preparing and monitoring marketing policies and plans.

Creativity and Innovation

Develop creativity and an innovative spirit.

Digital Marketing

Use new Internet-based communication technologies to plan and carry out digital marketing actions.

Customer Service

Organise the customer service department and achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Establish procedures for addressing and resolving complaints.


Create proposals that combine standard and advertising media.

Language: English

Deal with customers, providers, public entities and other operators in English.

Plan of Study
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Policies
  • Launching Products and Services
  • Designing and Preparing Communication Materials
  • Media
  • Customer, Consumer and User Service
  • Public Relations and Marketing Event Organisation
  • Market Research
  • Field Work in Market Research
  • Business and Financial Management in Companies
  • Foreign Language: English
  • Training and Career Guidance
  • Dissertation: Marketing and Advertising Project
  • In-company Placements
Erasmus programme

At Euroaula, we offer our own study-abroad Erasmus+ Programme. We offer students the opportunity to study and complete a work placement in various countries around Europe and the rest of the world.

Our HR and Work Placement department is responsible for managing the international placements completed by students of the Higher Diploma programme.

  1. We carefully select the companies where students can complete a work placement according to their programme studies, valuing those whose working language is preferably English or French.
  2. International placements last at least two months.
  3. We advise students on the European Erasmus+ grant application process. The grant amount depends on the country where the work placement is performed.
  4. By undertaking an international placement, students are recognised to have successfully completed the In-house Training module, and the company issues a certificate of the placement.
Admissions' Requirements
  • Secondary School Diploma
  • COU
  • FP II
  • Have successfully completed a cycle of Higher Vocational Training
  • Intermediate Vocational Training cycles in some areas
  • Entrance Exam
  • Officially recognised foreign studies

  • Product Manager Assistant
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Advertising specialist
  • PR specialist
  • Marketing and Communication events organiser
  • Media assistant in advertising agencies
  • Media controller in media agencies
  • Market and public opinion analyst
  • Fieldwork analyst
  • Assistant performing questionnaires and surveys
  • Survey inspector
  • Data entry clerk for market research
Job Opportunities & Internships

We have our own HR Department and Job Bank, which assist students in finding a job in the hotel and tourism industry, guiding them on their entry into the job market, and advising them in preparing and planning their career.

We also offer a personalised placement programme where students can apply the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired during their training.

Students attend sessions on how to prepare their résumé, perform mock interviews and receive career guidance.

Furthermore, we organise the Talent Day, a specific event to which we invite important sector companies to the school to interview and recruit students for the various placements available.

This service is offered at the end of the first year of the Higher Vocational Diploma and continues to be made available to students who have completed their studies through our Euroaula Alumni network.

Grants & Scholarships

Euroaula, under the general regime approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, advises, manages and processes the applications for its students for the following official grant programmes:

  • European Union Erasmus+ Programme
  • General Mobility Grant for non-university studies from the Spanish Ministry of Education

I confirm with my experience that I continue to maintain the first sensation I had of interest, respect, kindness and quality offered by Euroaula. In addition, I had the opportunity to do the internships in Euroaula in charge of marketing and advertising, and like most practices, I was paid a salary.

Vinyet Gonzalez | Diploma in Marketing and Advertising

From the outset in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, students learn in a 100% digital environment. To make studying easier, our students have:

  • Access to the University’s Virtual Campus
  • Face-to-face and online tutorials with their teachers
  • Practical sessions focused on hotel management and travel agency management
  • Classrooms equipped with multimedia technology
  • Photocopying service.
  • Study room, library and break areas
  • Access to Wi-Fi network throughout the school
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