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Master in Digital Marketing and e‑Tourism
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Master in Digital Marketing and e‑Tourism
Masters and Postgraduate Programmes On-site | Part Time Spanish 9 months
General Information

Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and e-Tourism

This Master focuses on the latest tendencies in digital marketing and the keys to successfully promoting sales in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

In terms of digital marketing and e-commerce, tourism companies need to enhance website visibility and notoriety in search engines, improve positioning, optimize their presence in social media, effectively manage online reputation, and implement an efficient e-commerce system to ensure success in the market.


  1. Candidates with university title degrees or with professional experience who wish to further their career knowledge and enforce their proefssional vision with the purpose of highlighting and successfully developing in the area of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce.
  2. Candidates who look for a value-added specialty in their career or who wish to increase their professional path in this sector.
  3. Professionals who are looking for educating themselves in the world of Digital Marketing and complement their knowledge in this area.
  4. Professionals who wish to create their own enterprise-start up in the tourism sector.


1 Academic Year (9 months)


October 2018

Programme Features
Technical and Practical Skills

Acquire specific knowledge about marketing and e-commerce in the Tourism Industry

Strategic Planning

Assimilate the skills required to develop and implement a digital marketing plan and measure its effectiveness.

Marketing Key Tools

Learn in depth the key marketing and e-commerce tools used in the Tourism industry.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Develop a strategic marketing plan, identifying and assessing different tactics, tools and optimizing their implementation.

Plan of Study


We offer a fully practical and innovative programme based on current contents and real case studies. The faculty is made of graduates, entrepreneurs, tourism experts and sector professionals.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing for the Tourism Industry

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Online Advertising Strategies (SEM)

  • Social Media 

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Web Development

  • eCommerce for the Tourism Sector

  • Booking Engine

  • Customer Experience

  • Revenue & Yield Management

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Leadership & Team Management Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • New Trends in Marketing and e-Commerce

  • Final Dissertation

Admissions' Requirements
  • Official University Degree

  • If the official Degree is not from Spain, it will be necessary to translate and legalize it.

  • In case of not having an official Degree, a document of the last official studies must be presented.

  • Copy of your Passport / DNI (ID)

  • Motivation letter

  • Current curriculum vitae


Currently, the Marketing Manager is one of the most sought-after profiles with the best opportunities in the Tourism Industry. Knowing how to communicate, promote and sell to the new digital consumers has become a key success factor in the tourism industry. Find below some of the most popular career opportunities in this sector:

  • Marketing Manager & Sales Director

  • Hotel Manager or Hotel Sub-Director

  • Digital Marketing & eTourism Consultant

  • Entrepreneur


Job Opportunities & Internships

Students of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and e-Tourism are eligible to participate in an internship as a traineeship placement on a voluntary and optional basis as long as it is completed during the academic year of the Master's programme.

Our collaboration with HOSCO Hospitality Connection, an international job site specialised in the Tourism area based on a true community of passionate hospitality professionals, allow our students to access to more than 2.500 international job offers and internships per year in more than 850 companies in the Hotel & Tourism industry.


  • Mr. Rafael de Jorge

    Professor of Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing

    Director of Marketing at ONA Hotels

  • Mr. Fran Rafales

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing and eTourism

    Marketing Director at ACTA Hotels

  • Mr. Adrià Morera

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing and eTourism.

    Digital Marketing Manager at ONA Hotels

  • Mr. Marc Alemany

    Professor atl Master in Digital Marketing & eTourism, Master in Business Tourism & Events Management, i Master in Hospitality Management.

    Marketing Consultant & Professor at Universitat de Girona

  • Ms. Cristina Ortiz

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing and eTourism

    SEO Specialist at LeadTech Group

  • Mr. Josep Miracle

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing and eTourism, Master in Business Tourism and Master in Hospitality Management.

    Coaching, NLP Practitioner & LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ Facilitator

  • Mrs. Jennifer Rojas

    Professor in Revenue Management and eCommerce
    eCommerce Manager at ACTA Hotels

  • Mr. Jordi Bou

    Professor of Revenue Management

    Revenue Manager at Cotton House Hotel by Marriott

  • Mr. Oriol Colominas

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing & eTourism.

    Director of Social Media at Diari Ara

  • Mrs. Mar Pardo

    Professor at Master in Digital Marketing & eTourism

    Digital Marketing Consultant en OptimoClick

From the first class I realized that studying this Master would be worthwhile. I would highlight its current syllabus and the great commitment of teachers, who are true professionals in the sector. In addition, the Master has given me the opportunity to find a job, thanks to professor Rafael, who trusted me and joined me in his Marketing team.

Melania Martín | Master in Digital Marketing and e-Tourism

Students learn in a 100% digital environment from the get-go of this Master’s programme. To facilitate a successful learning experience, our students have:

  • Access to the University’s Virtual Campus

  • Face-to-face and online tutorials with their teachers

  • Practical sessions focused on hotel management and travel agency management

  • Classrooms equipped with multimedia technology

  • Photocopying service

  • Study room, library and break areas

  • Free access to Wi-Fi network throughout the school


Get a Double Recognised Degree: issued by the University of Girona and Euroaula School of Tourism Barcelona.

This degree is awarded by the University of Girona (UdG) and it is a UdG-specific qualification issued by the University of Girona Foundation, which is fully recognised. The Master's degree in Digital Marketing and e-Tourism is equivalent to one cycle of non-doctorate postgraduate training at graduate degree level in higher education.(*)

The degree earned by Euroaula, Tourism School Barcelona, is an Euroaula specific title. Euroaula has been training future tourism professionals for over 30 years.


Collaborating Partners

The following companies collaborate with EUROAULA, Tourism School Barcelona and they participate with instruction in our programmes, as well as giving conferences and arranging internships with our students. 


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We are a higher education institution specialised in Travel & Tourism with a clear focus on teaching innovation. At Euroaula, we train future tourism professionals by providing knowledge and studying real use cases.
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